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  Glenda Potter was 32 years old when she was found dead. She was stripped from the waist down and left on the grounds of Vine Church, Rochester, Kent.  The killer was never found and the case remains open.  Glenda was killed by strangulation, with sexual assault evident at the time of the killing.  Glenda left behind four children and her murder left little evidence, leaving the family unresolved to obtaining justice.  Shortly after the murder, a man was arrested over the disposal of her body but he was ruled out in 2011 - 20 years after the murder. The man stopped and the accused was just 16 at the time of the murder. His name was Malcolm Shipley, a man with a troubled future after Glenda’s death.  Glenda was a vulnerable target. She worked as a prostitute at the time of her murder. She had a drug and drink addiction and was a bit of a loner around Rochester.  This was an era before CCTV and surveillance. So, the crux of the investigation went on eyewitnesses and contemporaneous repo



The Night Watcher (Film)


Who is The Night Watcher?

A home invader with nearly 20 years of unanswered offences is still on the loose in Southern England, and has, to date, yet to be caught - with over a million pounds in stolen swag.  Who is The Night Watcher of England?  The Night Watcher has been terrorizing Southern England for a while now, but his actions recently have gone cold and so has the trail.  But make no mistake, this is a dangerous individual that needs to be found - immediately.  The Night Watcher is an armed burglar that has stolen more than £1,000,000 worth of items in violent and threatening raids. The police have worked hard on Operation Prometheus - the lead operation in finding The Night Watcher - and the police had 224 persons of interest that they looked at.   The Night Watcher has been the subject of several appeals, there was a Crimewatch episode with reconstructions, which sought information on the burglar and there is a plethora online looking at the manhunt and the failed chase to capture this sick criminal. 

The Disney Mystery - Rebecca Coriam

The Disney Mystery - Rebecca Coriam  Rebecca was working on a Disney Cruise Ship when she went missing under mysterious circumstances.  And the events of Rebecca’s disappearance have led to conspiracy, speculation and intense scrutiny as to what happened.  So, let's delve into what we know and want to know.  Is Disney covering up something sinister? And do profits mean more than paying adequate respect to human life?  What happened to Rebecca?  Disney didn’t care to find out.  Rebecca was last seen just 11-days after her 24th birthday, on the 22nd of March 2011.  The circumstances of her disappearance baffle everyone - but at the same time - was it even looked at by the investigators and by Disney? Or was it disregarded as soon as they could get rid of it?  Before casting aboard the Disney Wonder , Rebecca was an army cadet, a student and a volunteer at Camp America.  Rebecca was young, fun and constantly looking for adventure. She was sporty, she loved life and loved to travel.  S