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Who Killed These Girls - The Yogurt Shop Murders

  Source: Who Killed These Girls by Beverly Lowry.  Sometimes a homicide can rock a city to its core - this is what happened to Austin, Texas in 1991 when four teenage girls were murdered in a Yogurt Shop. The victims were as follows:  Amy Ayers aged just 13.  Eliza Thomas aged just 17.  Jennifer Harbison is also aged 17.  Sarah Harbison aged only 15.  This was a tragic event that shaped the future of the city. It should never be forgotten, but even more devastatingly, the crime was never solved. We are over thirty years since the murder and the case has grown cold.  Let’s ask the question:  WHO KILLED THESE GIRLS?  It was December 6th 1991 in the I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S YOGURT! shop in Austin, Texas where the four girls lost their lives and the place was burned down with the bodies inside.  The victims were shot by a pistol (using a .22 calibre bullet), and one of the victims was sexually assaulted (confirmed by forensics) although it remains possible they all were assaulted in this mann