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TRUE CRIME: The Playboy Bunny Killer

MEDIUM TRUE CRIME: The Playboy Bunny Killer And the Horrors of 1975 One case which had received notoriety in the UK was the murder of Eve Stratford (aged just 21), which was remarkably linked to the murder of Lynne Weedon (aged just 16) thirty years later. In 2004 the two killings were discovered to have been committed by the same perpetrator using DNA testing. And so, two murders across different parts of a sprawling London were established to have been a committed by a serial killer — who for forty years had been hiding in plain sight. Eve’s murd e r occurred on the 18th March 1975 while Lynne’s was almost six months after on the 10th September 1975 both occurring in suburban London. There were also potential links to a third murder of Lynda Farrow who was killed in her home in the January of that year with many similarities to the other two. The three murders were all in the Greater London area of Leyton, Hounslow and Chigwell. The double murders occurred in 1975 and it is chilling

TRUE CRIME: The Oldest “Solved” Cold Case and How It Went Unsolved Again

TRUE CRIME:  The Oldest “Solved” Cold Case and How It Went Unsolved Again   MARIA RIDULPH It was December 3rd 1957 when seven-year-old Maria Ridulph went missing on a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois and five months later Maria’s remains were found 100 miles from Sycamore in Woodbine, Illinois. It wouldn’t be until more than 50 years later that the case had what was initially thought of as closure — this turned out to be false closure. The case was seemingly solved in September 2012 when the police would convict a murderer for the abduction and murder of Maria. This would then be overturned in March 2016 and Maria’s neighbor Jack McCullough would be declared an innocent man in April 2017. To date the murder remains unsolved and the mystery of Maria Ridulph continues to baffle the Chicago area… It will more than likely forever be a cold case. A Piggyback Ride Seven-year old Maria Ridulph was playing with best-friend Kathy on the first snowfall of the year; when a mysterious man offer


The Lake Bodom murders may well be the most famous unsolved homicide in Scandinavian Criminal History. Occurring in 1960 and claiming 3 victims with 1 injured survivor it is a Finnish zeitgeist that at one time or another had the whole of Finland enraptured. It is now a buzzword for murder and mystery in the small country. LAKE BODOM They were all teenagers — just typical Finnish teenagers. The story plays out like an American slasher movie, set over a decade before the slasher genre was even invented (unless of course you’re including Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as a slasher pic). It is a story of how a typical night of drinking, teenage love and teenager adventure turned into a blood-ridden massacre. A homicidal maniac on the rampage? Or a jealous tiff turned into blood soaked carnage? Four young kids go camping at the nearby Lake Bodom and only one comes back alive; severely beaten, wounded but… alive nonetheless. A little over 20km outside of Helsinki at the beautiful Lake Bodom the