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The Real James Bond - Vanished Without A Trace.

  Super Spy Lionel Crabb OBE Lionel Crabb OBE was said to be one of the inspirations for James Bond and it was the “Crabb Affair” that inspired Thunderball, the novel by Ian Fleming and the subsequent Bond Movie (two if you include Never Say Never Again). In 1956 — during the height of the Suez Crisis (an embarrassing affair in British and French politics where they ultimately conceded to a militarised Egypt); Lionel Crabb was sent to spy on a Soviet Cruiser and was never seen ever again… Crabb — born to a poor family in West London in 1909 — joined the Merchant Navy and during World War II joined the Army. With skills recognised by his superiors “Buster” (as he came to be known) was promoted to lieutenant commander and eventually placed in charge of all anti-mining operations around the coast of Italy. For his services during the war Buster later became known as Lionel Crabb OBE (an award for services to the empire). The Name is Bond… BACKGROUND In what seemed to be an olive branch be

The Family Killer (Chris Coleman) - The Man That Wiped Out His Own Family

Chris Coleman - Evil and Denial  In the realm of heinous crimes, few cases are as chilling and perplexing as that of Chris Coleman, a family killer whose actions shook a community to its core.  An avid churchgoer, and active member of the Televangelist scene in America, as well as head of Security for one of the most famous Christians in the USA (Joyce Meyer - prophet/profit merchant extraordinaire). Chris seemed to be a normal family man, but Chris harboured evil intent behind the scenes.  With an unquenchable sexual appetite, and a narcissistic selfish persona. Chris to this day and with his many supporters, lives in a deep denial of what he did.  But he did do it.  Chris Coleman appeared to lead a seemingly idyllic life. As security chief for prominent televangelist Joyce Meyer, he projected an image of faith, righteousness, and devotion to family.  However, behind closed doors, a darker reality emerged. Coleman nurtured a secret affair with Tara Lintz (his wife’s old school friend)

The Enigma of Betsy Aardsma [The Library Murder]

In the realm of unsolved mysteries, some cases captivate the public imagination, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and haunting intrigue. One such enigma is the murder of Betsy Aardsma, a young woman whose life was tragically cut short in a Pennsylvania university library. Decades have passed since that fateful day, yet the truth behind her murder remains elusive, leaving investigators, amateur sleuths, and the Aardsma family yearning for closure. On November 28, 1969, Betsy Aardsma, a 22-year-old graduate student at Pennsylvania State University, entered the Pattee Library, unsuspecting of the horror that awaited her. Within the confines of the library's bustling atmosphere, she was viciously attacked, stabbed once in the chest. In the chaos that ensued, Betsy collapsed to the floor, succumbing to her injuries.  Despite the immediate response from library staff and emergency services, the identity of the assailant remained hidden within the labyrinthine corridors