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Canada's Billionaire Murders - UNSOLVED MURDER

  Toronto 2017 - the Shermans were found dead in their mansion.  The victims were Barry Sherman and his wife Honey Sherman. The Canadian police initially thought that this was a murder/suicide perpetrated by Barry. Poor police work meant that they lost early opportunities in the investigation by unfairly claiming Barry even being capable of murdering his beloved Honey. Barry Sherman was not even physically capable of the murder.   Barry was a multi-billionaire and head of the pharma company Apotex Inc. He is certainly one of, if not the, richest man ever murdered (not including monarchs) and murdered in his own home no less.  This is a tragic story with no resolution.  So, let’s look into the facts of the case.  December 13th 2017  The bodies of the Shermans were found in their home in suburban Toronto. They were side by side at the edge of an indoor pool, held by leather belts tied around their necks and fastened to a metal railing. By the time police arrived, rigour mortis had set in