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Keith Ranieri - NXIVM - An Evil Sex Cult Endorsed by the Dalai Lama

NXIVM - A Profile of a Cult Leader [Keith Raniere] Source: Don’t Call It a Cult by Sarah Berman  Keith Raniere, a dangerous and now imprisoned narcissist, was the sadistic leader of the NXIVM Cult.  This will be a look at how he managed to manipulate so many and an analysis of his properties as a cult leader.  NXIVM was a cult that Raniere used as a personal harem. Initially set up as a pseudo-self-help MLM scheme that ensured that Keith had total control of his followers. Keith had developed disturbing ways of buying loyalty from his followers. This included slavery, physical branding (with a cattle branding iron), group sex and commitment ceremonies.  Keith also had a few up-and-coming celebrities on his books including Smallville’s Alison Mack who was probably the best actress on Smallville at that time (an incredibly talented actress and singer). Fellow co-star Kristin Kreuk dabbled with the cult alongside Alison’s partner Nicki Clyne being a full-on member and defender right up un