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Australia's Greatest Mystery - The Somerton Man

An unknown dead body on an Adelaide Beach in post-war Australia.  In 1948 an unknown nameless man washed up on Somerton Park Beach in Adelaide, Australia. The man has never been identified and to this day, the country scratches its head. However; a trail of breadcrumbs has led to the discovery of the man’s possible descendants all the way down to the man’s (potential) great-grandkids living today in Australia. On the 1st December 1948 at 6.30 am  — the police were contacted after the body of a man was found in Somerton Park (about seven miles from the nearest major city Adelaide). The dead body of the man was found lying with his head resting against the seawall with legs extended and the feet crossed. The two boys that found him were out horse riding and initially thought that the man was sleeping or drunk. An unlit cigarette was on the right collar of his coat. The Somerton Man  The man also had with him an unused train ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach. He had in his possession a