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The Strange and Mysterious Disappearance of Mekayla Bali

Mekayla Bali was just sixteen years old when she went missing in April 2016.  The case haunts the Bali family, the Canadian public and all of those on the internet that have dove into this horrifying and mysterious case. It has drawn in many internet sleuths and Mekayla even has a Reddit page dedicated to case discussion, alongside a hum of activity about Mekayla’s mystery on Websleuths.  Mekayla’s whereabouts need explaining.  The family needs closure.  And yet, the case continues to baffle investigators, internet sleuths and those with a vested interest in Mekayla’s safe return.  Mekayla was an intelligent young girl. She was a good student, a good daughter and (on face value) your typical teenage girl.  She had big dreams, wanted to leave her small Canadian town of Yorkton and had desires that even spanned going to America one day.  She was shy but also sociable, she had many friends online including on various social media apps such as Kik, Snapchat, and Instagram.  Like any youngs

The Missing Mother and the Poisoning Dentist - The disappearance of Renata Antczak.

The Missing Mother and the Poisoning Dentist  The disappearance of Renata Antczak.  It’s been five years since Renata Antczak was reported missing by her husband Majid Mustafa. She went missing immediately after dropping her daughter off at school, in the morning, in the northern English city of Hull in 2017.   The police have since treated the disappearance as a murder investigation and remain steadfast in their belief that Renata was killed.  Renata was a devoted mother and an upstanding member of her community. She was a solicitor in her native Poland and since moving to the UK, she was active in the Polish community, often volunteering and helping others.  She was a beacon of light to expatriate Poles and a wonder to her local community. She was also a magnificent loving mother and an educated, successful, intelligent woman.  So why would anybody want to harm her?  And where is Renata?  There is hope that one day she will return, but Renata’s friends and family remain tormented by

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A Valentine's Day Murder [VIDEO]

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A Valentine’s Day Murder — February 2007

Jodine Serrin - 14th February 2007.  It was a brutal case of rape and murder of a young woman with her own vulnerabilities. What made the case even stranger is that Jodine’s parents had been there and walked in at the time of the attack, unbeknownst to them that their daughter was dead. The case went unsolved for a decad e  but we now know who the killer is thanks to DNA advances and the detective’s efforts — but we still don’t know why and we’ll never know how. The mystery ceases to be a whodunit but mysteries remain and some answers will never be obtained by the living. Jodine was a vulnerable woman with disabilities with some reports stating schizophrenia and learning difficulties — however, she was also self-sufficient and independent enough and had her own apartment, and her own active life, including a busy social life. Jodine was 39 years of age in 2007 when she died. She lived in the American town of Carlsbad California. And despite her troubles, she was a credit to her parents