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Murdered in North Korea - Otto Warmbier Tortured and “Murdered” in North Korea - The Poster Thief  What happened to American Otto Warmbier?  Otto was an American student imprisoned in North Korea in 2016. By the time he came back to the USA, he was in a severe vegetative state and died afterwards. His crime? Stealing a poster from his hotel.  It is not confirmed what happened to Otto in North Korea, but he fell into a coma while in North Korea and was returned to America while comatose. There was an injury to Otto where an unknown trauma starved his brain of oxygen. There were no fractures to his skull and the cause of death is a mystery.  Otto Warmbier was arrested at the airport while waiting to depart. Whether he even took the poster is a matter of contention. Warmbier was in NK on vacation, and it cost him his life.  USA president (at the time) discussed Warmbier’s treatment with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and apparently, Kim had zero knowledge about it. North Korea

The Vending Machine Murder

  The Vending Machine Murders 12 people were murdered and 35 were poisoned in 1985, in a rare and strange spate of indiscriminate poisonings taking place in Japanese vending machines.  Police were unable to gather sufficient evidence into the murder and the case remains unsolved.  The tainted drinks that the twelve victims consumed were predominately poisoned with paraquat (with one possible copycat case using a different substance).  Paraquat is a harmful herbicide and weed killer. It is extremely potent and harmful. The substance was banned in the UK in 2007 and it is an extremely controversial compound. There is no antidote to the substance. It will cause serious damage to the human body.  The first victim was 52-year-old Haruo Otsu from Hiroshima - on 11th September 1985. On the way to a fishing trip, Otsu bought two bottles of Oronamin C. He died the following day, getting sick after consuming two bottles of the drink.  There were 35 poisonings after this one and another 12 deaths

London's Greatest Mysteries - Part 1 - The Two Jacks



  Glenda Potter was 32 years old when she was found dead. She was stripped from the waist down and left on the grounds of Vine Church, Rochester, Kent.  The killer was never found and the case remains open.  Glenda was killed by strangulation, with sexual assault evident at the time of the killing.  Glenda left behind four children and her murder left little evidence, leaving the family unresolved to obtaining justice.  Shortly after the murder, a man was arrested over the disposal of her body but he was ruled out in 2011 - 20 years after the murder. The man stopped and the accused was just 16 at the time of the murder. His name was Malcolm Shipley, a man with a troubled future after Glenda’s death.  Glenda was a vulnerable target. She worked as a prostitute at the time of her murder. She had a drug and drink addiction and was a bit of a loner around Rochester.  This was an era before CCTV and surveillance. So, the crux of the investigation went on eyewitnesses and contemporaneous repo



The Night Watcher (Film)


Who is The Night Watcher?

A home invader with nearly 20 years of unanswered offences is still on the loose in Southern England, and has, to date, yet to be caught - with over a million pounds in stolen swag.  Who is The Night Watcher of England?  The Night Watcher has been terrorizing Southern England for a while now, but his actions recently have gone cold and so has the trail.  But make no mistake, this is a dangerous individual that needs to be found - immediately.  The Night Watcher is an armed burglar that has stolen more than £1,000,000 worth of items in violent and threatening raids. The police have worked hard on Operation Prometheus - the lead operation in finding The Night Watcher - and the police had 224 persons of interest that they looked at.   The Night Watcher has been the subject of several appeals, there was a Crimewatch episode with reconstructions, which sought information on the burglar and there is a plethora online looking at the manhunt and the failed chase to capture this sick criminal.