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A Valentine's Day Murder [VIDEO]

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A Valentine’s Day Murder — February 2007

Jodine Serrin - 14th February 2007.  It was a brutal case of rape and murder of a young woman with her own vulnerabilities. What made the case even stranger is that Jodine’s parents had been there and walked in at the time of the attack, unbeknownst to them that their daughter was dead. The case went unsolved for a decad e  but we now know who the killer is thanks to DNA advances and the detective’s efforts — but we still don’t know why and we’ll never know how. The mystery ceases to be a whodunit but mysteries remain and some answers will never be obtained by the living. Jodine was a vulnerable woman with disabilities with some reports stating schizophrenia and learning difficulties — however, she was also self-sufficient and independent enough and had her own apartment, and her own active life, including a busy social life. Jodine was 39 years of age in 2007 when she died. She lived in the American town of Carlsbad California. And despite her troubles, she was a credit to her parents

The “Innocent” Doctor — Was Dr. Adams a Mass-Murderer?

The “Innocent” Doctor — Was Dr. Adams a Mass-Murderer? In the eyes of the law Dr John Bodkin Adams was an innocent man. Living a long life to the age of 84 (he died in 1984) Dr. Adams was never convicted of any murders despite a lengthy trial and much suspicion. And yet, the name of Dr. Adams is synonymous with murderous intent. To this day; historians are still trying to find conclusive proof to tie Dr Adams to murder —  murder beyond a reasonable doubt. Bodkin Adams — a name echoed across the world. This case parallels the later case of serial-killer Dr Harold Shipman. Dr Shipman broke English murder records for the sheer number of victims during his lengthy reign pf terror. Shipman was convicted of fifteen murders but the number could well exceed 200 (possibly 400). He would later cowardly hang himself in his jail cell in 2004 while serving a life without parole prison sentence. And for 21st Century English readers, it is impossible to think of Adams without thinking of the Shipman

Lake Bodom [Video]


Australia's Greatest Mystery - The Somerton Man

An unknown dead body on an Adelaide Beach in post-war Australia.  In 1948 an unknown nameless man washed up on Somerton Park Beach in Adelaide, Australia. The man has never been identified and to this day, the country scratches its head. However; a trail of breadcrumbs has led to the discovery of the man’s possible descendants all the way down to the man’s (potential) great-grandkids living today in Australia. On the 1st December 1948 at 6.30 am  — the police were contacted after the body of a man was found in Somerton Park (about seven miles from the nearest major city Adelaide). The dead body of the man was found lying with his head resting against the seawall with legs extended and the feet crossed. The two boys that found him were out horse riding and initially thought that the man was sleeping or drunk. An unlit cigarette was on the right collar of his coat. The Somerton Man  The man also had with him an unused train ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach. He had in his possession a