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  “THE BALLROOM KILLER” BIBLE JOHN A Bible quoting serial killer stalks his prey within a decaying city that had fallen far beyond its once glorious past — it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie but this is the real life story of Bible John — a predator lurking in the shadows of the 1960's in the Scottish city of Glasgow. To date John has yet to be found — and while he may not have the worldwide infamy of Jack the Ripper, his story is no less deplorable. He has been described as a “Scottish Zodiac”. Glasgow is now one of the most remarkable cities in Britain — a rejuvenation which began in the 1980's has served the city well. However, in the 1960's Glasgow was at the time suffering from a decline caused by a number of issues which emerged in the aftermath of World War 2. There was urban decay, rapid de-industrialisation and high unemployment and to make matters worse there was Bible John. 1960's Glasgow John was linked to three murders (as always with unidentified

True Crime: The Axeman of New Orleans — A Jazz Loving Serial Killer

True Crime: The Axeman of New Orleans — A Jazz-Loving Serial Killer The murders had taken place over a hundred years ago but   the Jazzman story   remains one of the greatest mysteries and unsolved murder cases within the annals of American crime. They were a series of night slayings that were committed during a Post-War age of Jazz and newfound optimism that were both dark and terrifying. It is a chilling story of terror during a seemingly golden time of boom where a New America had emerged but a night prowler was invading homes and creating night-time carnage and chaos. The Axeman’ s  modern status is one of mythological urban legend and the rumours and theories behind this killer range from the interesting to the downright farfetched but terrifyingly the Axeman was real — very real. There were four people brutally murdered and eight were grievously injured by the Axeman. They were all New Orleans (and the neighbouring Gretna) residents, predominantly Italian-Americans and they were


A CHRISTMAS UNSOLVED MYSTERY: LATRICIA WHITE’S MURDER AND THE DISAPPEARANCE OF LEE AND CHANCE WACKERHAGEN This case aired on an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” on February 17 1995. It was also featured on America’s Most Wanted This tragedy occurred over the Christmas period in Texas twenty-seven years ago. Chance Wackerhagen (nine years old at the time) lived in Kingsville, Texas with his mother Gaye Williams. Chance’s father, Lee “Dub” Wackerhagen separated from Chance’s mother and resided in Lockhart, Texas with Latricia White — a local nurse and a recently divorced mother of two. Over the Christmas period of that year — Chance would stay with Latricia and his father Dub — leaving his mother on 17 December 1993 and later calling his mother on 25 December 1993 asking to extend his stay with his father. This phone call would be the last time Gaye spoke to Chance. Chance and Lee were last seen on 26 December 1993. Latricia was found shot six times to the head on 27 December 1993. Chance


Harlow House Fire Remains Unsolved.  ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED -  June 27, 2020 Harlo w, Essex 15 th  October 2012. Dr Abdul Shakoor was a Pakistani immigrant living in the small English town of Harlow when on the 15 th  of October 2012 he lost his wife and five children in a house fire ruled  by Essex Police as an arson attack. To date, the crime remains unsolved. The blaze ripped through the house in the early hours of the morning while the Shakoor family slept and robbed a hard-working and successful man of his entire family.    The victims were Dr Shakoor’s wife and five children: ·           Muneeb (aged nine) ·           Rayyan (aged six) ·           Hira (aged twelve) ·           Sohain (aged eleven) ·           Maheen (aged three) ·           And the doctor’s wife Sabah Usmani Dr Shakoor managed to survive but fought hard trying to save his family and escaped the fire with burn-related injuries that were treated in the nearby Chelmsford Hospital (a neighbouring city).   The family h