THE MYSTERIOUS ELEPHANT KILLER IN BOTSWANA – ARE THE BOTSWANA GOVERNMENT POISONING THE ELEPHANTS? MEDIUM LINK Experts have warned about a mystery elephant killer which has left herds of elephants in Botswana “decimated”. Speculation was initially aimed at poachers, but the tusks were not found to be missing from the carcasses and experts suggested that the sudden death was caused by either a disease or a virus. The rate and seemingly mass-graves of elephants is causing dramatic alarm for conservationists and hitting the Botswana economy.   The Elephant deaths began in May 2020 and occurred in the Okavango Delta over the next two months. Botswana is currently a home to a third of African Elephants; with the current population of elephants in a worrying decline. The “mass graves” of Elephants were first spotted when conservationists took a flight over the delta and then spotted 169 elephant carcasses over the next three hours. A month later the total deaths were at 350. Despite the


     The Oldest “Solved” Cold Case and How It Went Unsolved Again: Maria Ridulph It was December 3 rd 1957 when seven-year-old Maria Ridulph went missing on a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois and five months later Maria’s remains were found 100 miles from Sycamore in Woodbine, Illinois. It wouldn’t be until more than 50 years later that the case had what was initially thought of as closure – this turned out to be false closure.     The case was seemingly solved in September 2012 when the police would convict a murderer for the abduction and murder of Maria. This would then be overturned in March 2016 and Maria’s neighbour Jack McCullough would be declared an innocent man in April 2017. To date the murder remains unsolved and the mystery of Maria Ridulph continues to baffle the Chicago area… It will more than likely forever be a cold case.   A Piggyback Ride Seven-year old Maria Ridulph was playing with best-friend Kathy on the first snowfall of the year; when a mysterio

DUE TO DIE TODAY — First Federal Execution in 17 Years

WHO IS THE WHITE SUPREMACIST DUE FOR EXECUTION TODAY? DANIEL LEWIS LEE : Multiple Murdering Nazi Medium Daniel Lewis Lee will be executed today in Indiana following a ruling by an appeal court. MULTIPLE MURDERER DANIEL LEWIS LEE Many have tried to oppose the execution and delay it; with some of the victims’ relatives stating that attendance could expose them to COVID-19. But the ruling means that Daniel Lewis Lee’s execution by lethal injection is going to take place today. A self-proclaimed White Supremacist from Oklahoma (with alleged links to Tim McVeigh), Daniel Lewis Lee (Danny Lee) received the death penalty for his part in a murder of a family of three in 1996 which included an 8 year old girl. Lee will be executed at 16:00 local time with last ditch attempts appealing to the Supreme Courts currently underway to stay the execution. JOINING THE APR AND THE MUELLER MURDERS CHEVIE KEHOE Lee’s journey to death row begun when he became affiliated with Chevie Kehoe. Kehoe ran a revolu


A MURDERED BUNNY & A FORGOTTEN SERIAL KILLER EVE STRATFORD One case which had received notoriety in the UK was the murder of Eve Stratford (aged just 21), which was remarkably linked to the murder of Lynne Weedon (aged just 16) after thirty years. In 2004 the two killings were discovered to have been committed by the same perpetrator using DNA testing. And so, two murders across different parts of a sprawling London were established to have been a committed by a serial killer – who for forty years had been hiding in plain sight. Eve’s murder occurred on the 18 th March 1975 while Lynne’s was almost six months after on the 10 th September 1975 both occurring in suburban London. There was also potential links to a third murder of Lynda Farrow who was killed in her home in the January of that year with many similarities to the other two. The three murders were all in the Greater London area of Leyton, Hounslow and Chigwell. The double murders occurred in 1975 and it is c


Image JASON DEREK BROWN  Fluent French Speaker with a Masters in International Business.  Wanted for murder and armed robbery in Phoenix, Arizona. Shot and killed a guard outside a movie theatre in 2004.  Reward $200,000.  YASER ABDEL SAID  Wears dark sunglasses both indoors and outdoors - Egyptian Arabic and English speaker and heavy smoker.  Wanted for the involvement in the murder of his two teenage daughters in 2008.  Reward $100,000.  ALEXIS FLORES  Spanish-speaking Honduran. Involved in the kidnapping and murder of a five year old girl in Philadelphia in 2000.  Reward $100,000. EUGENE PALMER  Car enthusiast and hunter that loves the outdoors.  Killed his daughter in law in 2012 in New York.  Reward $100,000.  SANTIAGO VILLALBA MEDEROS  CAPTURED JUNE 5th 2020  Wanted for multiple crimes. Known member of ELS gang in Washington State. Gangbanger and Sicario who killed a 20 year old girl in a gang related shooting and an innocent bystander in 2010 in Tacoma, Wash

Harlow House Fire Remains Unsolved – Pleas for closure in 2012 arson massacre which destroyed a family.

Harlow, Essex 15 th October 2012. Dr Abdul Shakoor was a Pakistani immigrant living in the small English town of Harlow when on the 15 th October 2012 he lost his wife and five children in a house fire ruled by Essex Police as an arson attack. To date the crime remains unsolved. The blaze ripped through the house in the early hours of the morning while the Shakoor family slept and robbed a hard-working and successful man of his entire family.   The victims were Dr. Shakoor’s wife and five children: ·          Muneeb (aged nine) ·          Rayyan (aged six) ·          Hira (aged twelve) ·          Sohain (aged eleven) ·          Maheen (aged three) ·          And the doctor’s wife Sabah Usmani Dr Shakoor managed to survive but had fought hard trying to save his family and escaped the fire with burn-related injuries that were treated in the nearby Chelmsford Hospital (a neighbouring city).   The family had originally moved to the UK in 2009 and to Harlow the year