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THE MYSTERIOUS ELEPHANT KILLER IN BOTSWANA – ARE THE BOTSWANA GOVERNMENT POISONING THE ELEPHANTS? MEDIUM LINK Experts have warned about a mystery elephant killer which has left herds of elephants in Botswana “decimated”. Speculation was initially aimed at poachers, but the tusks were not found to be missing from the carcasses and experts suggested that the sudden death was caused by either a disease or a virus. The rate and seemingly mass-graves of elephants is causing dramatic alarm for conservationists and hitting the Botswana economy.   The Elephant deaths began in May 2020 and occurred in the Okavango Delta over the next two months. Botswana is currently a home to a third of African Elephants; with the current population of elephants in a worrying decline. The “mass graves” of Elephants were first spotted when conservationists took a flight over the delta and then spotted 169 elephant carcasses over the next three hours. A month later the total deaths were at 350. Despite the

Three Billboards Around Baltimore, Maryland

Image “I just feel like there’s somebody out there that knows something, and we just haven’t gotten to that person yet.” Jenny Carrieri – Jody’s twin sister. It has been 24 years since Jody LeCornu was murdered in her car in a Baltimore parking lot at 3 in the morning.  The day was March 2 nd 1996. Jody was 23 years old when she was unexpectedly shot in the back. The killer has not been found and the hunt for justice continues to this day. This unfortunately is a tale of police incompetence and the desperate sadness of a grieving twin. Three new billboards are now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and they are going up across Baltimore to try to lead to more information before the case goes any colder. Jenny can claim inspiration for setting up the billboards from the Oscar winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which itself was inspired by true events. Jenny has tragically suffered with insurmountable grief

Spanish Cold Case – The Atapeurca Mountains and The Invention of Murder

Some 430,000 years ago in Northern Spain an assault was committed. The victim was a young person of Neanderthal descent. They received two lethal blows to the head above the left eye. They were made by the same weapon but from two different angles suggesting two deliberate strikes. The similar size and shape to the blow would indicate two successive strikes. Using a CSI method of analysing the wounds we can draw the conclusion that the victim was likely facing the assailant when they were attacked and that the victim would have been alive suggested by the oblique angles and smooth surfaces of the fracture. After the assault the victim’s body was thrown into a 43-foot vertical shaft and would not be discovered again until 1984 by modern man. The victim was known as Cranium 17. Archaeologists believe that the body was deliberately dumped in the gorge after death. Although there is little, we know about this “John Doe” or better yet “Juan Doe” what we can know is that they were a




JANET BROWN: NURSE BEATEN TO DEATH IN OWN HOME. Recent news reports – as of 10/04/2020 Janet Brown’s death remains a mystery, much like the details of her life. Few people in the remote village where Janet lived knew her until one spring evening in 1995 when an intruder burst into her quiet farmhouse. Janet’s body was later found bound, naked and gagged. Twenty-five years later and Janet’s murder remains unsolved. DNA evidence has recently emerged; and we know that the assailant is a male. But despite testing against over 700 swabs, nobody has been linked as of yet. Janet Brown was a modest and quiet woman – with nothing special about her. This is not to demean her life or importance to those that loved her (including her three children and husband) but ultimately this could be true of any of us. In life we may be unremarkable and in death we may be the talk of the town; the sound and fury reserved for after our existence. It was an April evening of 1995 when Janet was murdered in her

The Torso in the River – Human Sacrifices in London

Discovery It was 4pm on the 21st September 2001. Under the bright lights of the famous Globe Theatre where Shakespeare produced some of his most gruesome and bloodiest plays, life would exceed the absurdities of drama – a mutilated torso had washed up from the river covered in a red cloth. Police investigators would discover it was a child’s torso (they named him Adam) and the ethnic origins were sub-Saharan African. Police initially linked the remains to a religious sacrifice and the African mythology of Muti-based ritualism. Muti reflects the idea of South African ritual killings for a kind of pseudo-scientific medicinal purposes. However; this would send the Metropolitan Police of London on a bit of a wild goose chase where they investigated heavily in South Africa and even had the help of Nelson Mandela; who made an international appeal for information. Gaining Mandela’s help was a major coup for the Met Police but may have covered up the embarras

Havana Syndrome - What is Causing Brain Damage to American Diplomats?

The Cuba Thaw begun in 2014 ending 54 years of hostility and cold war between the USA and Cuba; this culminated in Barack Obama visiting Cuba in March 2016 and the opening up of formal relations between the two countries and their long and complex history of love and war. The New Republic deemed the Cuban thaw to be Obama’s finest foreign policy achievement and was compared to Clinton’s opening of relations between Vietnam and USA. The successes of Cuba Thaw promised a new optimistic relationship between the two. In 2015 the “Interest Section” in Cuba and USA in Washington and Havana were upgraded into Embassies. But it was the strange health problems of the American and Canadian staff in their Havana embassies that led to accusations of Cuba perpetrating an unspecified attack and the US subsequently recalling all non-essential personnel. Let’s look further at ‘Havana Syndrome’ – a neurological disorder that has been reported not just in Cuba but also has popped up in China. Symptoms: