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Image JASON DEREK BROWN  Fluent French Speaker with a Masters in International Business.  Wanted for murder and armed robbery in Phoenix, Arizona. Shot and killed a guard outside a movie theatre in 2004.  Reward $200,000.  YASER ABDEL SAID  Wears dark sunglasses both indoors and outdoors - Egyptian Arabic and English speaker and heavy smoker.  Wanted for the involvement in the murder of his two teenage daughters in 2008.  Reward $100,000.  ALEXIS FLORES  Spanish-speaking Honduran. Involved in the kidnapping and murder of a five year old girl in Philadelphia in 2000.  Reward $100,000. EUGENE PALMER  Car enthusiast and hunter that loves the outdoors.  Killed his daughter in law in 2012 in New York.  Reward $100,000.  SANTIAGO VILLALBA MEDEROS  CAPTURED JUNE 5th 2020  Wanted for multiple crimes. Known member of ELS gang in Washington State. Gangbanger and Sicario who killed a 20 year old girl in a gang related shooting and an innocent bystander in 2010 in Tacoma, Wash

Harlow House Fire Remains Unsolved – Pleas for closure in 2012 arson massacre which destroyed a family.

Harlow, Essex 15 th October 2012. Dr Abdul Shakoor was a Pakistani immigrant living in the small English town of Harlow when on the 15 th October 2012 he lost his wife and five children in a house fire ruled by Essex Police as an arson attack. To date the crime remains unsolved. The blaze ripped through the house in the early hours of the morning while the Shakoor family slept and robbed a hard-working and successful man of his entire family.   The victims were Dr. Shakoor’s wife and five children: ·          Muneeb (aged nine) ·          Rayyan (aged six) ·          Hira (aged twelve) ·          Sohain (aged eleven) ·          Maheen (aged three) ·          And the doctor’s wife Sabah Usmani Dr Shakoor managed to survive but had fought hard trying to save his family and escaped the fire with burn-related injuries that were treated in the nearby Chelmsford Hospital (a neighbouring city).   The family had originally moved to the UK in 2009 and to Harlow the year

Three Billboards Around Baltimore, Maryland

Image “I just feel like there’s somebody out there that knows something, and we just haven’t gotten to that person yet.” Jenny Carrieri – Jody’s twin sister. It has been 24 years since Jody LeCornu was murdered in her car in a Baltimore parking lot at 3 in the morning.  The day was March 2 nd 1996. Jody was 23 years old when she was unexpectedly shot in the back. The killer has not been found and the hunt for justice continues to this day. This unfortunately is a tale of police incompetence and the desperate sadness of a grieving twin. Three new billboards are now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and they are going up across Baltimore to try to lead to more information before the case goes any colder. Jenny can claim inspiration for setting up the billboards from the Oscar winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which itself was inspired by true events. Jenny has tragically suffered with insurmountable grief

Fiction Based Mysteries - Read Online -

For anybody interested in the horror and mystery genre in short form; please check out my other website You will find short horror stories raging from 500-3000 words along with poems, reviews and other creative pieces. 

Spanish Cold Case – The Atapeurca Mountains and The Invention of Murder

Some 430,000 years ago in Northern Spain an assault was committed. The victim was a young person of Neanderthal descent. They received two lethal blows to the head above the left eye. They were made by the same weapon but from two different angles suggesting two deliberate strikes. The similar size and shape to the blow would indicate two successive strikes. Using a CSI method of analysing the wounds we can draw the conclusion that the victim was likely facing the assailant when they were attacked and that the victim would have been alive suggested by the oblique angles and smooth surfaces of the fracture. After the assault the victim’s body was thrown into a 43-foot vertical shaft and would not be discovered again until 1984 by modern man. The victim was known as Cranium 17. Archaeologists believe that the body was deliberately dumped in the gorge after death. Although there is little, we know about this “John Doe” or better yet “Juan Doe” what we can know is that they were a

The Swiss Family Siegrist Massacre

Eugen Siegrist -Säckinger (62 at the time of death)   Elsa Clara Siegrist- Säckinger (63) – Eugen’s wife Anna Westhauser-Siegrist (80) – Eugen’s sister   Max Westhauser (49) – son of Anna Emanuel Westhäuser (52) -  son of Anna Westhäuser-Siegrist Taking place during the Pentecost of 1976 over a dark weekend in Switzerland. The murders occurred in a protected forest in Seewen, Switzerland. Five people were found murders by a Winchester Rifle. Thirteen Rounds were fires and eleven shots hit the targets. The bullets were struck with a frightening precision. The house was named Waldeggli located in a small allotment garden. The crime was discovered on June 6 th 1976 by a female walker. When the police arrived four corpses were found in the house with a fifth carefully wrapped in a carpet on the terrace. Much speculation surrounds why a killer decided to fire 13 bullets into this mild and functional family over a quiet weekend in Switzerland. The Murders The murders were no

Murder of Kanan Heir : “The most hated woman in Agoura got assassinated”

JUDY KANAN JUDY KANAN MURDERED 29 JANUARY 1985 (68 YEARS OLD) SAN FERNANDO, CALIFORNIA (Michael Connelly - pictured above - the ultimate author of the LA underbelly).  Tough, modest, humble and earnest business woman Judy Kanan is gunned down outside her own stables by somebody fully aware of her whereabouts and routine. Judy lived with her sister, but the gunman managed to pick a moment when Judy was alone. Judy was a tough litigious business woman that made many enemies through her uncompromising manner. Later, two early suspect’s houses were searched, one of whom was a potential client of Kanan’s – the man quarrelled openly in a shopping mall owned by Kanan over rent-space. Kanan refused to rent to the man at all. No evidence was found linking the man to the homicide. The second was a man arrested for stealing (charges dropped) from the same shopping centre and believed to have a grudge again Kanan – no evidence was found linking them to the murder. "We don't want what happ