DUE TO DIE TODAY — First Federal Execution in 17 Years


DANIEL LEWIS LEE : Multiple Murdering Nazi


Daniel Lewis Lee will be executed today in Indiana following a ruling by an appeal court.


Many have tried to oppose the execution and delay it; with some of the victims’ relatives stating that attendance could expose them to COVID-19. But the ruling means that Daniel Lewis Lee’s execution by lethal injection is going to take place today.

A self-proclaimed White Supremacist from Oklahoma (with alleged links to Tim McVeigh), Daniel Lewis Lee (Danny Lee) received the death penalty for his part in a murder of a family of three in 1996 which included an 8 year old girl.

Lee will be executed at 16:00 local time with last ditch attempts appealing to the Supreme Courts currently underway to stay the execution.


Lee’s journey to death row begun when he became affiliated with Chevie Kehoe.

Kehoe ran a revolutionary terrorist group that dreamed of an Aryan Kehoe Republic that would be founded out of violence and mayhem.

Kehoe dreams about playing a starring role in a White Power Revolution started in childhood and abruptly ended with Lee’s death penalty and Kehoe’s permanent detention.

Before meeting Kehoe in 1995; Lewis Lee had been in and out of the law’s sights from the age of 17. In 1990 following an altercation at a party Lewis Lee was believed to have assisted in the murder of Joseph Wavra but the murder charges were later dismissed (and replaced with a robbery charge). The incident was believed to have been over Wavra urinating on a recliner at a house-party and inciting Lewis Lee’s foul temper which had been apparent from a young age.

Lewis Lee received a 5-year suspended sentence for robbery. In 1995 Daniel Lewis Lee was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and received six months-probation. However; it wasn’t until meeting Kehoe in 1995 that the road to Federal charges would begin.

Chevie Kehoe recruited Lewis Lee into the Aryan People’s Republic and plotted the murder of William Mueller (a local gun dealer they believed was Jewish) in 1996. Dressed in police raid clothing, the two went to the Mueller family home with the intention of finding valuables in the house. While waiting in the Mueller’s home for their return; they subsequently murdered the three victims by suffocation by using a plastic bag sealed with duct tape (this included their 8-year old daughter). The pair were said to have been prodding the family with a cattle prod during the suffocation. The murders were both cruel and pre-mediated and carried out with utter contempt for the victims. It would not be until the following year in 1997 that the sale of the guns were traced back to Kehoe and Lee and they were indicted on three counts of murder.

At the trial Chevie Kehoe’s own mother Gloria testified against Lewis Lee. Considerable circumstantial evidence was introduced including Lee’s fingerprints found on the property. Lewis Lee’s own lawyer argued that Lewis Lee had neurological problems and many of his issues as an adult had borne from an abusive childhood, the very same argument used by Chevie Kehoe (who was said to have been influenced by a dysfunctional family life and an extremist racist father).

The arguments against Lewis Lee’s character were numerous including his role in that murder from when he was seventeen and a natural predisposition for violence, including threatening to kill a jailer during his incarceration.

The judge and jury agreed, and Lewis Lee was sentenced to death. Today is that day when Lewis Lee will die.


Kehoe was the eldest of eight children born from Kirby and Gloria. A notorious white supremacist — Kehoe was seemingly the ringleader in the terrorist activity and yet interestingly enough had enough mitigating factors to be spared the death penalty.

Raised with extreme anti-government views, it was Kirby’s father (the same douchebag that named their son after an automobile) that pressured Chevie into becoming a “White Warrior”. Chevie married two women believing that this would enhance the white race.

Chevie was caught after engaging in a police shootout alongside his brother, he pleaded guilty to the murder and managed to successfully argue against his own death penalty; receiving life without parole.

Chevie has only given one interview about what happened and blamed his father for how he turned out:

In my entire life, my dad always hated this or hated that and never gave me something to love or something to work toward.

If Chevie had realized as an adult in 1997 that he had been raised with toxic ideas, then it is a pity he did not come to this conclusion sooner, before deciding to murder three people.

It may have been Kehoe’s avoidance of the death penalty which triggered prosecutors to pursue it so aggressively against Lewis Lee; who was seen as more of a soldier than a leader. The fact that Kehoe was spared death and Lewis Lee was given death shocked many including the victims’ families.


At the time the bodies were disposed of in the Bayou of Russellville the pair joked that they were on a “liquid diet”. Despite taking six months before discovery by local fisherman, the police would be following other clues which lead to the APR Terror Network.

Small flecks of auto body paint was found on the duct tape of the victims and matched a pick-up truck driven by the Kehoe family.

The property of the Mueller’s were sold at Gun Shows and eventually found back to Kehoe and his affiliated and a stolen stash of firearms were located by ATF agents and linked back to the murders.

By the time there was a case against the two there was enough evidence for Kehoe to plead guilty.

A jury trial found Lewis Lee guilty in 1999.


On the 25th July 2019 the plans Attorney General announced plans to execute Daniel Lewis Lee with William P Barr stating:

“we owe it to the victims and their families to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system.

In December 2019 the case was postponed just as the final motions were being carried out, a court in Washington blocked the death sentence. However; this was only a stay of the execution and ironically the stay was given the same day that 14 State Attorney Generals announced they were supporting the US Department of Justice’s pursuit of moving forward with federal executions.

Which now brings us to 2020.


The living relatives of the Mueller family themselves have asked for the sentence to be commuted.

Earlene Peterson who was the mother of Nancy Mueller and grandmother of Sarah Mueller made a direct appeal to Donald Trump to not go ahead with this execution.


This seems to counteract the points made by William P Barr — the Attorney General — who stated that the execution was owed to the victims and their families. In an act of both courage and mercy Earlene Peterson said that the government were “not doing it for me” and in executing Lewis Lee it was “not the god that I serve”, making a direct appeal to the President of the United States.

Mrs. Peterson is now supporting the efforts of Daniel Lewis Lee’s defense team in commuting the sentence to life. She has requested an audience with President Trump and believes that the execution would be “an easy way out”.

It is the victims’ family today that are seeking to stop the execution both from fears of coronavirus and out of a desire to not see blood for blood repaid in death.

It would appear that the disparity of the sentences between ringleader Chevie Kehoe and his life without parole against soldier Lewis Lee is a clear indicator in the wrongness of capital punishment; a point maintained by the relatives of the victims.

Earlene Peterson doubts that Chevie Kehoe would ever change his ways and has said that he is someone that “used the system his whole life” but still does not deserve to die.

Mrs. Peterson maintains that despite everything, she has to love Lewis Lee as he is “a child of God. And I have to love him, too,” showing the tremendous healing power of the human heart in the way of forgiveness and kindness.

And so, even in the fact of unspeakable evil, the good can still shine through in the pious dignity of Earlene Peterson.

For me; it is the parents of these two that should also be in jail for how they raised their children, as it would appear that the years of abuse and brainwashing, lead to the creation of two evil men carrying out unspeakable deeds. For parents should have to answer for the men that they raise and how they raise them.

With this being said, let us not forget that we are all responsible for our own actions.

We will have to check back in this evening to see if the execution takes place.